Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Sunday Afternoon Tailback

The latest AP Top 25 is out. OSU remains #1.  Mich. St. moves to 2nd.  Ole Miss, courtesy of the Mississippi Miracle in T-Town, rockets to 3rd, dropping Bama to 12th.  See the link for the others:

Reflections on Week 3:

 The Saturday night rock festival starring the North Mississippi All Stars and the Alabama Shakes.  Oh, pity those who let the on-screen programming guide set the record time on their DVRs for last night's Bama-Ole Miss affair in T-Town.  The official game length was 4:05.  If you saw it, then you know.  If not...well, you either had to be there or watch it on TV to see the craziness, the swings in MO, the big plays, the mistakes (by Bama), the Mississippi Miracle of a deflected no-way-the-ball-shoulda-been-thrown pass that turned into a spectacular TD for UM and the comebacks that weren't that made up what has now turned into a must-see game every year.

The Sabes is always saying you have to put yourself in a situation to have an opportunity for success.  The Tide didn't.  From the outset.  The Rebs did, from start to finish.  My last college roommate used to say, "If 'ifs' and 'buts' were candies and nuts, then we'd all have a Merry Christmas."   There was very little merry for the Tide and its fans last night.  Meanwhile, Ole Miss makes it two in a row against the Tide, ending a 27-year winning drought at Bryant-Denny, and has sent the team and its fans into delirium once again.

The Katrina Kid.  The next Bo Hershel-Marcus, apparently, really is LSU's Leonard Fournette.  After his first play 70-yard run, two other OMG TD runs and going 19 for 228--not playing the 4th Qtr., mind you---the young man who survived living with his family on a bridge for several days after Katrina slammed his hometown of New Orleans made it look like running the ball down Auburn's throat was no big deal.

The Macbethian Principle.  After Saturday afternoon's shellacking of the Auburn Tigers by LSU's Panthera Tigris species, Coach Gus said post-game that every position will be under evaluation. Adding to the beat-down, Aub's performance against Jax St. last week, as Bill Shakespeare wrote, t'wer well it were done quickly.  Next up: Miss. St. at Jordan-Hare.

OH!-io State of uncertainty.  Just when it looked like the Buckeyes depth at QB and the Heismanesque running of Zeke Elliott would squash the MAC rebellion of upsets, the Buckeyes commit five turnovers and let N. Ill. stick around way too long (late 3rd Qtr.) before getting an INT for a TD and ultimately putting this one in the "W" column.  AND--after Cardale throws two picks, he's replaced by J.T. Barrett, who throws one of his own.  This one should light up the phones on the radio sports shows in Ohio this week.

Now, some quick headlines...

Coach Jim Bob went 6-3 this week, picking OSU, LSU, ND, UCLA, GA and Texas Tech.  Losers were: Bama, USC and Texas. 

Games to watch next Saturday:  It is not--NOT-- a great lineup, but, for the sake of seeing who's improved or worsened,  Coach Jim Bob recommends, LSU @ Syracuse; Western Michigan @ OSU; The Vols @ The Gators; OK ST @ Texas; TCU @ Tx Tech; Vandy @ Ole Miss; Miss. St. @ Auburn; UCLA @ AZ and USC @ AZ ST.  The best, simplest CFB TV guide that Coach Jim Bob has used for years:

Next Saturday's picks:  They'll be posted late Thursday night.

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